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Jump straight to the main YouTube archive for ChessWhiz TV. This is the next best thing to the live broadcast.

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Nearly every episode of ChessWhiz TV. Episode 12 is missing, but only Olith123 remembers what happened to it.

Die of Boredom


When we hit a big episode number, we don't just sit around playing chess. Find all the non-chess celebrations here.

Let's Go

Official Tournaments

Our prestigious events never fail to bring top players for the glory of the internet. Oh, and the cash prizes.


Simultaneous Exhibitions

Can you play multiple games of chess at the same time? That's easy. The hard part is watching them all. I don't know how you even manage it.

Wing It

Special Guests

When we bring a guest on the show, things get a little more awesome. You might even recognize a few of the big names here.

Step Inside


Chess puzzles are a great way to sharpen your brain. Do you know why we always party when we puzzle? Neither do I.

Solve It


These sessions are focused on laying out the basics. You won't find much advanced material here.

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